Is Your Son Interested In Cosmetology School? 3 Questions To Ask As About A Prospective Program

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Is Your Son Interested In Cosmetology School? 3 Questions To Ask As About A Prospective Program

4 April 2018
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The beauty industry is booming, and that means that highly trained cosmetologists are in high demand. Now that your son is exploring a career as a cosmetologist, one of the first steps is to find the right cosmetology school to fit his needs. In most states, a specific number of hours of training are required for a person to become licensed to perform beauty treatments. While most beauty schools teach the basics regarding sanitation and hygiene, programs can vary widely in their approach to instruction. You can help your son select the right beauty school to fit his learning style and career goals by asking these three questions as you tour a program.

What Are the Requirements to Enroll?

The majority of cosmetology training programs require prospective students to be at least 16 years of age, and a high school diploma or GED is typically required. However, some beauty school programs make exceptions for students who are still currently enrolled in high school and taking cosmetology as part of their educational program. Begin by making sure that your son is eligible for enrollment so that he can feel confident about his options as he learns more about the program.

How Long Does the Program Take?

Cosmetologist school programs typically take less time to complete than a four-year degree, which gives students an edge for starting a career right away. Many cosmetology programs offer flexible educational programs that allow students to earn the required amount of hours to be eligible for a license at their own pace. For this reason, you may find that a program offers an average length of time for the program to be completed. Typically, students should finish the program within 6 months to two years depending upon the courses that they choose to take.

What Is Taught During Lessons?

Beauty school classes tend to start with the basics of health and safety since this is always a priority when your son performs treatments on clients. You should also hear that the beauty school teaches lessons regarding skills such as haircuts, styling and skin care. Many beauty schools also offer courses regarding salon management techniques that are ideal for students who aim to open their own business one day.

Your son's decision to go to beauty school puts him on the fast track toward a successful career, and the beauty industry needs highly motivated people to help others look and feel their best. By knowing what to ask as you tour prospective schools, you can help your son find the perfect one to help him meet his career goals.